BMK played at Litovel Opn

Brož, Malivánek and Konopásek on 7th place of the Litovel Opn tournament of triplets

It was a bright, sunny and warm day in Litovel, when a prestige tournament of triplets in petanque called Litovel Ópn ("open") was taking place. A team of Oldřich Brož sen., Karel Malivánek and Zdeněk Konopásek from PK1293 Vojnův Městec successfuly passed through four rounds of swiss system and failed only in the k.o. match for quarter-finale. The final 7th position among more than 40 teams is a nice result, although not quite corresponding with subjective feelings - sometimes we simply did not play really well and especially the author of these lines could not find himself in the second half of the day. Damned, it must be better next time!

Zdeněk Konopásek - 25. 4. 2010