Possible detour on the way from Žďár to Vojnův Městec

Additional information for the participants of the Vajta's boules doublets tournament

Due to construction work on the main road from Žďár nad Sázavou to Vojnův Městec, you might have to take a detour via Polnička, Račín, Vepřová and Radostín; after coming down to Vojnův Městec from Radostín, turn to the right - at the end of the village (direction to Žďár) you will see the boulodrom on your left.

There will be grilled porket and drafted beer from the nearby local Chotěboř brewery served on site. Presentation will be at 8-8:30. The game will start at 9:30. No snow this time! :))

Zdeněk Konopásek - 6. 6. 2010