St. Venceslas Boule 2011

The traditional tournament of doubles took place in Vojnův Městec on Saturday 24th September 2011.

St. Venceslas Boule is a tournament with relatively long history. However, lately a few other tournaments organized on the same day have emerged. That is why this year’s participating teams were not as many as we were used to in the past. But still, 25 doublets found their way to Vojnův Městec, which is certainly impressive in such competition. Furthermore, smaller number of teams allowed everyone to enjoy games on the lower (main) ground. Also, food and drinks served during the tournament were on par with past tournaments – meaning they were great. And finally even weather, which is always unpredictable in Městec, was very nice, almost summer-like.

Because of the lack of teams, the main tournament had 4 rounds of Swiss system followed by quarterfinals KO. Among the eight teams in quarterfinals, there were as many as 3 teams with players from Vojnův Městec’s club. And what is more, both teams with Olda Brož (senior and junior - the teams Brož-Kraus and Brož-Preuss) advanced through the Swiss system without even one loss. However, overall winners after gradually improved performance throughout the day were Jakub Konšel (POP Praha) with Veronika Slobodová (Slovenian), who have beaten in the finals team of father and son Ježek (PEK Stolín). Olda Brož senior and Jaroslav Kraus (Osika) ended up third, but the rest of Městec’s teams lost in quarterfinals. The team Brož-Preuss ended up 6th and the team of father and son Fereš ended up 7th. In the “B” tournament Rychtář Cup in the end, Libor Málek and Miloš Vacek (both without license) came at the top after beating Jiří Mrňák and Petr Jeřábek (AURA Havlíčkův Brod) in the finals.

Michal Preuss - 6. 10. 2011