Forum of Club Representatives was held in Brno

On Saturday 11th of February 2012 was held a forum which I as a newly elected president of PK1293 attended...

On Saturday 11th of February 2012 was held a forum which I as a newly elected president of PK1293 attended although untill Thursday I didn't know if I'll be able to get there due to immobility of my car.Luckily I managed to agree with Franta Haněl from PePa Sněžné on a joint trip,he was willing to pick me up from Mestec even though it ment to get up early and take considerable detour.This way I would like to thank him for that.

The actual meeting took place in total peace without any unnecessary quarrels and abuses against which I was forewarned apparently after some people's experiences from previous years.The forum was attended by 29 out of total of 52 delegates.There was ČAPEK presidential election.Whereas no opponent,Petr Stoklasek was re-elected for another term of presidency.

As other members of the Executive Committee were elected Ivo Michalek as a chairman of Sport Technical Committee (STK),chairwoman of the Disciplinary Committee has become Iveta Hajkova and as a chairman of Junior's Committee Pavel Hejl. Congratulations to all elected representatives and I wish them success in their work.

Turned out that the only candidate for organizing Czech Republic tripletes Championship (MČR) is PK 1293 Vojnuv Mestec.Unfortunatelly organisation of the tournament hasn't been given to us yet due to unsatisfactory conditions on the upper playground which doesn't meet needs for organising republic Championship and from which this year's winner will progress to an international tournament. We'll have to come to agreement with “TJ Jiskra” of temporary adding of gravel or small stones and it's removal afret the tournament.I believe that we'll be able to solve this situation and that we'll eventually gain trust from Sport Technical Committee (STK) and we will be assigned to organise the tournament.

Oldřich Brož (ml.) - 12. 2. 2012