In Vojnuv Mestec, we play on two neighbouring boulodromes. Both are located near the Sokol house at the exit from the village in the direction to Zdar nad Sazavou, on the left. There are two entrance gates – if coming by car, please use the one closer to the centre, “below”the Sokol house; the “upper”one is reserved for the organizers.

The main playground has been specifically designed as a petanque court. It can host 17 playing areas 3x12m or 10 areas 4x15m. The terrain is relatively rough and crumbly: sand and grit on a basis of larger stones (these may raise here and there on the surface). Boules may slightly bury in some places. Selected areas of the playground can be covered by artificial lighting. For more see photos below.

If necessary, we can use another playground, just next the main court. This supplementary playground is dedicated for football and other sports, but is usable for petanque too. Its surface is hard and dusty, almost stony during dry weather. Boules tend to roll away.

During tournaments we use the building of the Sokol house for administration and refreshment. If the weather is sunny we also build a tent outside, at the margin of the supplementary playground.