Here is the list of our sponsors whose support and favour we appreciate very much. Thanks to them we can organize well-attended sport events and maintain our activities. If you eventually would like to support us, even by means of modest financial donations or material prizes for winners of our tournaments, please, contact us.

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Stock Plzeň (2011-2011)


Prizes for winners: Tullamore Dew tournament.

Rychtář Brewery, Hlinsko v Čechách (2005-2010)


Prizes for winners: t-shirts, baseball cups, beer giftpacks.

Eliška Polanská, Krucemburk (2005-2010)

Pottery as prizes for tournaments

Municipality of Vojnův Městec (2005-2010)


Hosting services for web pages of the club, free of charge. Souvenirs for tournament participants. Continuous support related to various activities.

D & S Praha (2005-2009)


Help with the construction of our petanque court, but also tournament prizes.

Elov Vojnův Městec (2005-2009)


Material prizes for winners: lights, t-shirts, baseball caps etc.

Stora Enso, Ždírec nad Doubravou (2005-2009)


Prizes for winners: refreshment vouchers, giftpacks, t-shirts, small electronics.

Beránek Glassworks, Karlov (2005-2009)

Prizes for winners: glass cups and dishes, vases, weights and other glass products.

Svoboda Glasswork, Karlov (2005-2009)

Medals for the Easter cup tournament, smaller glass products.

Dekora Jeníček, Ždírec nad Doubravou (2005-2009)


Prizes for winners: spreads, covering textiles.

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