18. 9. 2011 - Měsec visiting Daňkovice
Fifteen players from/of Vojnův Městec attended the doublets tournament in Daňkovice [full text]

18. 9. 2011 - The St. Venceslas tournament is coming
Some updates related to the event [full text]

4. 9. 2011 - Petanque league of Vojnův Městec entered its second round
A couple of matches of the first round are still missing, but the second round has already started [full text]

12. 6. 2011 - Vajta's Boules 2011
On Saturday, June 11 2011, another petanque tournament in Vojnův Městec took place [full text]

12. 6. 2011 - Petanque league of Vojnův Městec has started
The spring round is half-way to its end and we have just established an info section on these web pages [full text]

3. 4. 2011 - Winning a couple of beer cans in Brno
Oldřich Brož (sen.), Zdeněk Konopásek and Karel Malivánek won the 3rd place in the prestige triplets tournament GP of the Litovel brewery in Brno. [full text]

20. 3. 2011 - The Vojnův Městec Petanque League
Submit applications for the local doublets competition and compete from April to October in two series of matches against each other. [full text]

25. 2. 2011 - Dates of tournaments in Vojnův Městec in 2011
The official schedule for CAPEK tournaments has been released [full text]

31. 1. 2011 - Message board fixed
It turned out that it was, for some time, impossible to leave messages in the respective section - fixed! [full text]

8. 1. 2011 - Growing membership
Pavel and Jiri Feres, father and son, have just become members of PK1293 [full text]