1. 1. 2011 - Petanque as an extreme sport
Twelve brave players participated in the New Year Tournament among stacks of snow [full text]

25. 12. 2010 - P.F. 2011
Best wishes for the year 2011 from petanque players of Vojnuv Mestec! [full text]

23. 12. 2010 - A new message board has been opened
Do you want to display here your message, question or commentary? The new section is for you! [full text]

23. 12. 2010 - Looking back at 2010
Members of the club PK1293 gathered on Saturday December 4 for a yearly plenary meeting. [full text]

20. 10. 2010 - A late-coming report from the St. Venceslas boule tournament
The 9th doublet St. Venceslas tournament in Vojnuv Mestec went well - despite the discouraging weather report and two other events in the same date. [full text]

17. 10. 2010 - Singles in Roudnice
Oldřich Brož (sen.) scored on the marvelous third place at the Czech national championship of singles [full text]

10. 10. 2010 - The sunny Indian summer day in Brno
Jakub and Zdeněk Konopásek, together with Ondra Preuss (POP Praha) ended at the 7th place at the last prestige tournament of the season [full text]

25. 7. 2010 - A report from the Slavkov petanque battlefields
Karel Malivánek, Jakub Konopásek and Zdeněk Konopásek reached 4th place at the prestigious tournament of triplets [full text]

19. 7. 2010 - The Fair Tournament remains unfinished
KO matches of the best eight doublets were interrupted by a heavy storm [full text]

12. 7. 2010 - Invitation to the local Fair Tournament in petanque
Come to play at an easygoing tournament of doublets - no top-level sport, but rather top-level amusement [full text]