28. 6. 2010 - We failed at the Czech national championship in triplets
The triplet of Olda Brož (sen.), Zdeněk Konopásek and Karel Malivánek did not qualify to the best sixteen teams at the final round of the championship in Brno, June 26 [full text]

28. 6. 2010 - Going to the pub? Take your boules with you!
Members of our petanque club, but also other visitors of the U Malivánků pub, can enjoy a newly built playground [full text]

14. 6. 2010 - Vajta's Boules 2010: Jakub Konopásek on the fourth, Oldřich Brož on the fifth place
Our players scored well in this traditional petanque tournament mainly as members of half-home mixed doublets [full text]

6. 6. 2010 - Possible detour on the way from Žďár to Vojnův Městec
Additional information for the participants of the Vajta's boules doublets tournament [full text]

23. 5. 2010 - Fifth place at the Centrope Cup in Poland
Oldřich Brož (sen.) together with Zdeněk and Jakub Konopásek played well at the international tournament of triplents within the Centrope Cup series [full text]

16. 5. 2010 - The quest for Coloured Boulles
Several our PK 1294 teams attended favourite tournament in Jaromeřice nad Rokytnou [full text]

25. 4. 2010 - BMK played at Litovel Opn
Brož, Malivánek and Konopásek on 7th place of the Litovel Opn tournament of triplets [full text]

16. 4. 2010 - The Easter Egg: Third place for PK 1293
The traditional tournament of doublets in petanque The Easter Egg took place on Saturday, April 10 2010 - our players scored well. [full text]

8. 3. 2010 - Additional information related to the Easter Egg tournament
We have just submitted official propositions for the coming tournament and updated information on our web site [full text]

7. 2. 2010 - Changes in financial support for members' participation in tournaments
The club executive committee has agreed new conditions for financial stimuli to promote participation in tournaments both in Mestec and elsewhere [full text]